Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Sicily Divide: from Trapani to Catania by bike

lunedì, 19 Febbraio, 2024

October 2023. We were about to leave for Morocco on the trail of the trip we had sketched out in February during our scouting. Excitement was running high! Then, the earthquake…
Too close to the departure date, with few certainties and a multitude of doubts and respect toward people who had lost everything, we decided to seize the opportunity: to turn a defeat into an opportunity.
This also had a name: Sicily Divide, our new adventure.
Thanks to the timely and invaluable help of our friend Giovanni Guarneri (creator of this project) in just a few days we managed to package what turned out to be a real breakthrough.
A very diverse group, young and old from all over northern Italy, all united by the same passion and desire to be together sharing new destinations.

The flight was booked: on October 7 we were in Palermo.
The still summery temperatures, the view of the sea, the cheerful atmosphere and the smell of fish, cooked in the many restaurants, welcomed us and immediately put us at ease.
The Sicilian welcome is evident from the first hours and especially in the food: 
The dinner in a typical Sicilian trattoria until late at night.
Breakfast to the sound of every good thing stuffed with cream and ricotta cheese, with in addition a tray of delicacies as a freebie…you never want to go hungry along the morning.
The scents and beauty of a market like Ballarò.
The fresh fish freshly caught and cooked on the grill.
A word of advice: if you plan a trip to Sicily, you absolutely cannot be on a diet.
Impossible to resist that endless array of temptations: arancin*, granite, cassatelle, cannoli, minni – to name just a few.
In Sicily, culinary tradition is serious stuff, and it is an enjoyable and definitely tasty part of the trip.

We dedicated the first day to reassembling the bicycles, a short trial tour to discover interesting anecdotes about the city of Palermo and its history, intertwined with that of the Mafia.
Then, transfer to Trapani, where we could not miss for dinner the street food tour among its elegant and historic streets.
The Sicily Divide by bikepacking is an unforgettable experience. 
The trail took us through the beating heart of Sicily, from Trapani to Catania. This unique route is designed to offer a fascinating adventure that mixes a passion for biking with the discovery of breathtaking landscapes, hidden treasures and the rich Sicilian culture. 
Our chosen bike for the Divide was the gravel bike.
Departure from the bustling port of Trapani marks the beginning of the adventure. 
From here you can enjoy the first views of the Mediterranean and salt pans before heading into the Sicilian hinterland.
After leaving Trapani, the route leads to Gibellina Nuova, a symbol of rebirth after the 1968 Belice earthquake. Pedaling through this area, you explore the scars and resilience of a community that has rebuilt its life from scratch. The passage through the Belice Valley offers unique views and a profound reflection on human strength in the face of natural adversity.

Advancing inland, we reach Sambuca di Sicilia, an enchanted village that has received awards for its beauty and hospitality. Soon after, the journey continues to Quisquinia, where nature and history blend in landscapes of rare beauty.
Passing through the green hills of Montedoro and its sulfur mines steeped in history and memories, we then head toward Enna, known as the belvedere of Sicily for its panoramic views. The route then winds toward Regalbuto, another jewel set in the mountains, offering stretches of pure natural beauty and priceless views toward Mount Etna.
A special mention goes to the accommodations and their owners, selected and affiliated Sicily Divide.
Unique and often family-run facilities where they have always made us feel at home, welcomed with genuine simplicity. Proud to be part of this project and to be able to tell of their excellence.

The itinerary is full of checkpoints (village bars, restaurants and workshops, equipped with the official Sicily Divide stamp) where we stop to each get our Dividers’ Pass stamped and authenticate our passage. Give and give some time to the people you meet along the route, they are the ones who will make the trip special and unforgettable.
The route, I guarantee, will introduce you to authentic Sicily: 7 stages for a total of 457 km and 8970 mt of elevation gain.

I am looking forward to going back!

We have a double departure scheduled: the first in the long bridge from April 25 to May 2 where the Divide will be in a Pink Version, just women discovering the wonderful Sicily trail with the spirit of the CCPinks, that is, biking as pure fun and travel as sharing moments to build memories.
The second departure is for May 12, where we will retrace those October roads…and we are already looking forward to it.

Would you like to be part of one of these fantastic groups with us?
Write to me at the contacts below:
whatsapp 3471637828