Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

The right to be wrong and beastly: the new illustration of the BAM!

venerdì, 1 Marzo, 2024

“As British say “shit happens”.
Unexpected things happen, especially on bikes, and since we cannot change events,
we just have to learn to smile.

We will return home a little later, maybe not sleep where we planned,
but we will probably come back with a good story.”

Fabio Consoli, artist and traveler

We have the official graphic for BAM! 2024, the tenth.
As always, it was created by Fabio Consoli.
Fabio is a great artist, who over the years, in addition to working with us,has illustrated the covers of the most important American magazines.
It is an honor for us that he finds
time to draw the BAM bear!!!

Fabio will be at BAM! with us this year,
and he will find opportunities to tell us about his art and
his way of finding inspiration by traveling

Have we ever told you why the iconic animal
of BAM! is a bear?

No, and the reason is that we don’t know

The idea of the bear came to us
following the same path
that you make a choice between a blond, red or IPA beer:
follow something that speaks to you from the stomach.
And so it was with the BAM bear!
Which, in hindsight,
is an animal that represents
the urge that animates us to be
sometimes a little bestial,
a little bit lonely,
a little off-axis, like a bear on a bicycle.
🐻 + 🚲 = 🍻

This year’s illustration returns to the idea of wrong roads.
Has it happened to you, whether on a bike, on a trip or in life,
of making a decision,
to find yourself in the wrong place
and to be in the end somehow happy about it?
We have.

We are a little tired of success,
of the always right choices
and social media where everyone is beautiful and happy:
we claim our right
to be beastly, sometimes angry,
sometimes last in line,
but full of life

See you at BAM!