Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Traveling is a matter of feet and music.

mercoledì, 29 Maggio, 2024

🚇 I met Andrea Loreni on the subway:
we were going to the same place, in Milan.
Loreni and I had never met before, we had only written and spoken to each other,
looking for a way and time to host him at BAM!.
Despite this, I recognized him immediately, not so much by his face, which I had only seen in photos,
but by noticing that the person in line in front of me
was somehow pleasantly out of place.
Andrea is a tightrope walker, a man who walks on the wire,
and he is also a theoretical philosopher,
as if balancing on the wire corresponded to
a search for philosophical balance.
Andrea wears a bracelet that says “trust your feet”, and when I pointed it out to him,
he told me that for the first steps, the head counts, then the feet matter.
Trust your feet, indeed.
How true this phrase is
and how it also relates to us cyclists?
In the first “steps” of a journey, when you get on the bike and go,
the muscles, the preparation, the bike matter.
Afterwards, your feet matter, what’s underneath,
what keeps you moving forward, in travel and in life,
simply because you have a beating heart.
One step after another.
In balance on your feet.
Andrea will be on the BAM! stage
and then he will hold a workshop on tightrope walking.

Follow the bass!

It’s the advice given by American pianist Jeremy Denk to listen to and understand music.
The bass – or the cello for classical music – is often a difficult instrument to hear and follow:
it hides, plays timidly behind or around the others, yet,
if you take it away, the rhythmic structure of the music collapses.
However, if you can catch it, it guides you to discover everything else,
especially the structure of the music, its step.

Traveling by bike is like the cello:
you understand nothing,
sometimes you don’t even know why you didn’t just stay home,
but then, when you get into it (trust your feet),
it allows you to grasp the structure of life,
it’s like being IN the music and not just listening to it.
That’s why we meet again:
we’re following the same rhythm.

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The Road to BAM is here.

Do you want to sleep at BAM!
but don’t have a tent?

We have a limited number of pre-pitched tents
for one and two people available for sale. You can find them here.
And remember that
we have rented containers
with bathrooms and showers:
you only live once.