Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

This is it, it’s finally time for BAM!

martedì, 6 Giugno, 2023

🔥 Some important practical information 🔥

👉 Have you reserved your tent site at the KONA Camp Area?

When you arrive, stop by the BAM!! desk near the stage,

before pitching your tent.

We will give you your wristband and all the information you need.

👉 For everyone coming to BAM! 👈

 BAM! is open to everyone and free: you don’t need a tent site to come,

you don’t need to register.

-We are in a city, so don’t leave your

bicycle and your belongings unattended. 

We will provide barriers

to tie bikes to, and there will be guards there day and night:

bring a chain and possibly tie it well,

perhaps with other bikes.

Also during the night.

Bring a headlamp: we are in a park and it will be dark at night

– Bring toilet paper: we put it on, but it always seems to last a short time

– Bring mosquito lotion: 🦟

We’ll do a disinfestation, but we’re in front of

a lake, we’re in their home.

– The weather will be very variable, so bring both sunscreen and a hat (🏖️🏜️🏝️ optimism moment) and a waterproof jacket (🌦🌦🌦🌦 pessimism moment).
We have set up several covered spaces, but hopefully they will not be needed.

In any case, even if it rains, it will be even better to arrive,

get together and even dance into the night.

Who remembers the 2017 BAM?

The season is strange, so a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out: still well your tent with stakes and watch out for trees if there should be a strong wind (it shouldn’t, but who knows)

– inside the BAM area you will find two water points,

one in the bathrooms (water is drinkable) and a drinking fountain towards the main road,

this year prepared and offered by our friends at ELITE ❤️

– Beer is part of the travel: also this year IMPAVIDA 🍻🍺

⚡ has created the beer of BAM!

– There will be showers, spartan, but functional.
We have enhanced the cleaning service, which will be full-time throughout the event.

– There will be various food stations, for all tastes

– On Sunday morning, when you wake up, you will find breakfast offered by Selle Royal in the camp area.

– We try to pay attention to recycling and to produce as little waste

as possible. is important.

The beautiful BAM! T-shirt, made by

Fabio Consoli,

will be for sale at the BAM! desk.

There are not very many, so if you want it, don’t wait

See you at the BAM!

Obviously inadequate

The program is online.

💥 You can find it HERE 💥

The guests, activities, workshops, concerts, tastings, rides, movie in the evening,

there are so many. 

See you on Friday, from 6 pm.

There are lots of groups already on the road to get to BAM.

Sharing the last few miles is also a beautiful thing.

Check out the BAM! collection on Komoot, HERE

If you can’t come by bike, try to use the train: 

Mantua is well connected.

There will be things to do at all hours,

but BAM! is mostly about wasting time together. 

Enjoy it, talk to everyone,

buy drinks, sing, dance, and plan trips and share utopias.

Life is beautiful and short.

If you want to ride, here are the tracks for visiting the area,

made by Alessandro Giona, of Gravel Cub.

June 9-11, Mantua, BAM!

Everything else is boredom

(no, come on, not everything: 

the sex, the snow, the unseasonal sea, the wind in favor,

real friends, flowers, the friendship of animals, 

the salt on the skin, the laughter,

the well-earned sleep, the unexpected smiles,

kindness, ideas, Ungaretti,

the crazy people and the eight o’clock in the evening in the month of May

are things that deserve)

Now what?

Find a friend, put him or her on a bike, and pedal to BAM!

Traveling, at times, is a bit of running away.

We like the idea of escape by bicycle: because it’s always a bit comical, light, impossible in its own way. Something more Charlie Chaplin than Rambo. 

And we feel just like that: more Charlie and less Rambo. 

A little inadequate for the real escape, a little given to the unsuccessful attempt,
the muscles always unready, the bikes too heavy, the looks too kind. 

Could it be why we find ourselves so easily at BAM, because we recognize ourselves in our

human weaknesses?

Planning a journey
also means imagining an end point:
it sounds easy.

But what is an end point?

Is it the one furthest from home? The end of an interminable climb?

The sea? Or the horizon?

Or is the point of arrival to return home?

is an approach that makes all the difference.

If you are a traveler of the first type,

you can always move your destination a little further.

And you may never return.

If you are a traveler of the second kind, on the other hand, 

every pedal stroke will be a pedal stroke to get home, somehow, sometime, forever or not. 

And that’s okay. 

What kind of traveler are you?

Let’s tell each other over a beer, inside the tent, 

in the dust.

Much life to all