Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Explore local: in the Dolomites with Alberto Frizziero

You don’t need to pedal in Alaska to feel alive. Primo Levi said “not to be strong, but to feel strong”. For this BAM! supporters the “Explore Local”, of getting lost close to home, always being curious, without having to go far, also as a choice of environmental sustainability. From this year we want to […]

Photographers on the road: Leslie Kehmeier

Shooting is a verb in common between two passions that often live in symbiosis within us, cyclists more or less adventurers. Shoot, photograph, shoot to accelerate, increase the number of rides. Photography and cycling, two valid reasons to leave the house, discover new territories, new shadows and new lights to travel with the imagination through […]


Departed. Gone. Share. Narrative Backroom and Cycling discomfort. A meeting or a workshop, who knows, dedicated to how to tell your adventures on two wheels, through words, pictures and emotions. Avid cyclists, histrionic storytellers and breathtaking photographers? None of this. We have no discipline to show off, not acrobatic technical skills. We want to tell […]