Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024


martedì, 19 Aprile, 2016

Fabio Consoli is an illustrator, but he is also a traveler, a bike, life and freedom passionate.

He traveled with his partner across the world, from the colorful lands of Madagascar, in the cold Alaska to the end of the world in Patagonia.

fbc patagonia 2

Willy Mulonia is THE bike-rider. He traveled alone for years by the fire lands, in Patagonia, to the ice lands and Alaska. He is the creator of the Mongolia Bike Challenge and today, he accompanies people to do extraordinary things.


Michela Ton has no sponsors, no money and has cycled for a year and 22km, and told us her journey in a book.

Why? “Because I needed to live.”

michela ton

Caterina Borgato, the soul traveler. From mountain tops to the Dancalia desert, Caterina has never stopped. She accompanies people to see the world from other points of view.

Here is one of her stories for BAM!
La Dancalia in bicicletta