Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Lanzarebel Bikepacking

venerdì, 13 Maggio, 2022

Bicycle, as we know unites.
As happened to Alexia, Giulia and Ramona who, thanks to the two-wheels vehicle, met and decided to leave for their first trip together for Lanzarote.
Giulia makes the route, asking for advices thanks to which she is able to design a trip that meets everybody’s need: get into nature and get out of the city, be self-sufficient and use off-road pistes when possible.
They travel for the sake of traveling, not for the performances.

The biggest contingency is the wind that, in Lanzarote, blows so hard that forces Alexia, Giulia and Ramona to cut a portion of the route to avoid the strongest wind on the most exposed cliff of the Island.
But contingencies are always part of the adventure. So after the wind also the sea plays its part, forcing Ramona to run away with her tent in the middle of the night after she camped too close to the beach, and also the rain joins the party too of course. Long story short: Nature is the one that imposes rules and presents several challenges.

And that’s one of the messages of Lanza Rebel: confront the elements, learn to better know the environment and the world we are living in. All things that we’re increasingly forgetting but on which it is good to return, regaining possession of them. And to do this you don’t need great performances, you just need a little spirit of adaptation and a desire to feel good.

Everybody can do something like Lanza Rebel!

Do you want to try?

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