Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

If the bicycle could glide on water, what would it be?

giovedì, 9 Novembre, 2023

According to Carlo, Marco and Vitto, the answer is simple: a kayak!
And so, in perfect BAM! spirit, the three Thisavventurers set off for Ibiza and (spoiler: returned safe and sound) told us about their “vacation.” 

Fresh from riding all over Italy on our trusty Graziellas, we felt the need to take a break from two-wheeled vehicles this year. It didn’t take long to convince each other that a vacation in Ibiza would be the wisest choice. Clearly, Ibiza “our way!”
The idea then was to use the marine corrisponding of the bicycle: the KAYAK!

With no nautical expertise and poor swimming skills we set out to embark on this new thisavventura. We landed at the Ibiza airport where waiting for us there was Martina, a lady of German descent who, with a look of maternal concern, warned us of the possible dangers of the island and gave us a few recommendations for use the aging kayaks she was renting us.
The tour was a crescendo, from the early days of waves and prayers in a very chaotic south of the island, to the wild north, where we were lucky to sample some of its natural beauty.
The routine was simple, an initial repudiation of the wet suit from the day before, once dressed we paddled all day trying not to hallucinate from the perceived 50 Celsius degrees, ate badly and slept worse. Not to mention the toilet, a small bottle each. Let’s not tell you the drama when there were waves….

This radical abandonment of the comforts we are used to during the rest of the year is perhaps one of the aspects we enjoy the most as, once we return, we can really appreciate every little sign of civilization (thoughts birthed during the endless hours spent paddling).
Perhaps the real drama came only in the evening, however, when still sweaty and covered in salt we spray ourselves with Autan. At that point, getting into the damp jeans (bad choice) became a spectacle of writhing and cursing. All this because we had chosen to spend the nights romantically without a tent among rocks, beaches and hammocks on maritime trees.
Despite aches in all the muscles in our upper limbs, it was a fun and new experience that we will remember for a long time!
P.s. one of the last days of our trip we found out from a local guide that we had taken the wrong circumnavigation direction!!!