Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024


lunedì, 14 Maggio, 2018

Who says that only under the sun you can be happy, has never danced under the rain! It seems that the weather will be variable, rain and sun.
Nothing to fear: we are travelers and when it rains we don’t just go home.

– in the expo area in front of the stage, there will be a covered area of 200 square meters where you can rest, listen to music, eat, chat and drink a beer. And then drink a beer. And if you really don’t know what to do you can have a beer and eat a gourmet dish from our trucks.

– bring a tarp to place under the tent: we are close to a lake and the ground is wet.
– if you want a more comfortable accommodation, there are the Pop-Up Hotel tents or the numerous Mantua facilities.

With that said, the temperatures will be perfect, so cover yourself enough and, for the rides bring a waterproof jacket.
The tracks will be a little muddy, but not too much: maybe avoid dressing in white.