Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Flanders Iconic Routes and beer: see you on Friday 10th!

giovedì, 26 Maggio, 2022

The nice thing about a bike trip? It lasts much longer than the time you spend in the saddle.

A trip leaves you with memories and feelings that accompany you for a long time and can be an excellent topic of conversation over a beer with friends.

This is why we asked the Enough Cycling guys to come and tell firsthand, together with the Visit Flanders team, about their 3 days in Flemish land.

When? Friday 10 June, with a Flanders-themed aperitif event in the BAM Lounge Area! at 19

The Enough guys will tell us about their rides among the Flemish Iconic Routes through words and images that will make us want to take the bike and leave, we will listen to them while sipping an excellent Flanders beer (while stocks last, which we already tell you not be infinite).