Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Between sore ass and horizon: happy 2022!

lunedì, 3 Gennaio, 2022
If you put a person and a bike together, a forward movement inevitably comes out. A ride, a trip, a journey: the equation is the same and it doesn’t change whether the destination is a bakery (who doesn’t love bakeries?), a meadow or Patagonia.

2021 was a year in which we would have liked in every way to put this equation together, projecting ourselves without thoughts somewhere.
We have all had thoughts, in this 2021.
Covid, work, people who have left.
After all, traveling by bike is one of the things we love for this reason too; because it reduces our needs (and our thoughts) to a minimum: getting somewhere, finding a place to sleep, eat, manage a sore butt.
Sometimes avoid that Maremma that awaits us at the end of the road.

In short, it was not a year of celebration. But we dreamed more than ever and inevitably, for those who are part of the BAM! Family, we imagine horizons worthy of our imagination: Iceland – which we saw in the crazy photos of Chris Burkard -, Patagonia and Alaska that we heard from Willy Mulonia, the streets at the end of the world by Dino Lanzaretti and Lorenzo Barone, but also Chatwin’s South America or simply arriving in Paris by bicycle, as if we had a yellow jersey in our heart.

It was a year of dreams. BAM! Campfire was a small dream come true for us, despite the difficulties; and it was a magical thing.

BAM is back in June! of Mantua, we go back to being many, under the same sky.
For a few days now you have been able to buy the tent place: don’t wait, the space is not infinite.
Admission to BAM, on the other hand, is free, as per tradition: we are preparing a beautiful program.

Happy New Year to all; that 2022 will be full of fulfilled dreams and horizons, in some way, achieved.

There is worse than a sore butt.