Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

The BAM! 2024 Program, Daniel Oss’s Grunge Soul, and Much More!

Wednesday, 8 May, 2024

There’s a Russian saying that when sitting down at the table
with a friend, you must drink at least three glasses:
one to remember,
one to feel,
and one for thirst.

So let’s drink these three glasses of beer together:
before BAM!, we will be
on Wednesday, May 8th, at 6:30 PM, at Sportler in Bolzano (here)
with Giovanni Toldo from the Pepe Cooter collective,
– always adventurous travelers, our brothers –
and Kevin Celsius Ferrari, someone with countless stories to tell,
worthy of more than three glasses.
You can of course taste the official beer of BAM! 2024,
as always a IMPAVIDA

To conclude this little tour,
as if we were in an election campaign,
we’ll meet in Peschiera del Garda on Tuesday, May 21st,
with Dino Lanzaretti – what can I say about him? –
and Pietro Osti, the voice, the soul, the man.
The meetings are free, registration is required here,
by downloading the Sportler app.
Seats are limited!

I read somewhere that direction is more important than speed.
It’s a thought that takes us far:
it’s as if with increasing speed,
the ability to turn our gaze
and recognize people and things diminishes.
The bike allows us to notice what surrounds us,
to change direction easily
to meet a person or dive into a lake.
And to smell the scent of coffee,
the smell of fields,
the aroma of sheets hung outside, or wild garlic by the roadside.
Traveling by bike aligns speed with sight (and with life).
This is what the people who come to BAM!
to tell their stories always talk about, in one way or another:
their perspective on life, on people, and things,
which on the bike becomes open.Β 

This week we’ll publish
πŸ”₯the BAM! programπŸ”₯
and as always,
it will be three intense days of stories, life, encounters, punctured tires at the end of the world,
and great adventures close to home.
There will be beautiful workshops and moments of relaxation.

Some previews:
Andrea Loreni, the philosophical tightrope walker,
will hold a workshop on balance:
what magical connection do you see with life and traveling?Β 

Francesco Bonvecchio, art-director and traveler,
will hold a workshop on artistic cartography,
where you can learn to transform your journey into a hand-drawn map.Β 

Federico Damiani, founder of Team Enough,
will tell us how he prepares his bike (and his next big trip, of course).

Sofiane Sehili and Nathalie Baillon,
two great ultra-cycling champions,
will tell us about their idea of travel and their concept of “ultra”.
πŸ‘‰They will arrive pedaling from ROAMER SardiniaπŸ‘ˆ
which will be the weekend before BAM!.
It might be an idea to participate in both events.

And then Sisa Vottero, Daniel Oss, Omar di Felice, Stefan Amato,
Eva Croce, Elisa Bessega, Enrico Mosetti, Roberto Peja, Dino Lanzaretti,
Scott Cornisch, Frank Lotta, Willy Mulonia, and many others.

It will be a beautiful edition,
as always anarchic and poetic,
a bit popular,
a bit aristocratic.

By the way:
have you booked your tent spot?
There aren’t many left.
You can find it here.