Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024


Wednesday, 8 May, 2024

And what if they told you that this year at BAM there will be Sofiane Sehili, Nathalie Baillon, and Sisa Vottero arriving directly from Sardinia by bicycle? Perhaps you’re wondering why start from an island, or rather, from THE island! There’s a reason, and in the following lines, we’ll tell you about it.

The adventure begins in Roamer, in Sardinia.

The adventure starts on the promenade of Olbia, where on May 31st, Sofiane Sehili, multiple winner of the Silk Mountain Race, his compatriot and podium companion Nathalie Baillon, and the eclectic solo traveler Sisa Vottero, all new faces and PEdALED athletes, which is the sponsor of the event, will be ready to become Roamers for a weekend.

But what does it mean to be Roamers? Literally, it means to be vagabonds. In practice, it means participating in Roamer Rendez-Vous, a nomadic series that invites cyclists from all over the world to discover new destinations, connect with people and places, and act for a purpose.

ROAMER is not a race; it’s a journey.

The Sardinian stage involves a social-paced exploration starting from the iconic Sardinian coasts, heading towards the Gallura hinterland, crossing forests of cork oaks to camp all together on breathtaking promontories.

Roamer’s team will take care of cooking, camping, and assistance.

ROAMER editions always have a purpose; the Sardinian edition will support the local foundation MEDSEA, donating 10% of the proceeds from registrations to one of their precious projects for the safeguarding of the Sardinian territory.

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On a journey from Roamer to BAM 

They will disembark in Livorno on Monday, June 3rd, and from here, a new chapter begins for Sofiane, Sisa, and Nathalie who will bid farewell to the Roamer team to embark on a journey towards Mantua and BAM, crossing the Tuscan vineyards, the Apennines, and the countryside of Emilia-Romagna. In this four-stage journey, by following their social profiles, you will have the opportunity to meet them and pedal alongside them. 

Livorno-Poggibonsi, Monday, June 3rd. 

The first stage, from Livorno to Poggibonsi, will be an iconic route through the Tuscan white roads, an opportunity to fully immerse in the nature and culture of the region. Crossing villages like Chianni, Volterra, and San Gimignano, they will discover the unique charm of Tuscany.

Poggibonsi-Prato, Tuesday, June 4th. 

In the second stage, they will have the opportunity to explore the Chianti region and its magnificent vineyards towards Florence, where they are expected to cross the city center before continuing towards the Cascine Park towards Prato.

Prato-Bologna, Wednesday, June 5th. 

The third day looks challenging at the beginning, with the crossing of the Apennines in the area of the Acquerino Cantagallo Nature Reserve. Subsequently, a pleasant and relaxing descent towards Bologna will follow, skirting the suggestive Lake Suviana.

Bologna-Mantova, Thursday, June 6th. 

A mostly flat and relaxing stage that will pass through Ferrara, allowing our three adventurers to arrive in Mantua in the afternoon, ready for BAM!

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Finally at BAM!

For Sofiane, Sisa, and Nathalie, the third and final chapter of the adventure begins, and thanks to the support of PEdALED, they will be protagonists of two talks scheduled respectively on Saturday at 3:00 pm and Friday at 7:00 pm.

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