Mantova | June 7-9 2024

Mantova | June 7-9 2024

The two souls of BAM!

Plot your route, get in the saddle, hit the road and share the ride with whoever you want. Get lost, forget about the time and enjoy yourself.

See you at BAM! — the European gathering for bike travelers. For like-minded people that wander and know that the journey is what really matters.

"Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of the void but out of chaos." — said Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley.

And out of chaos was born BAM! CAMPFIRE, the spin-off of BAM! Our campfire is a great, compact adventure, a return to roots, a more intimate experience to be shared in the great outdoors.

BAM! means magic — transforming some of the most bike-friendly places in Italy into an incredible festival, where people ride, enjoy stories, music, beers, local products — and hang out into the moonlight.

BAM! is an opportunity to talk about bikes and cycling tourism, to learn about new products, to meet first-hand the most inspiring people and brands in the industry, and to explore new territories. It's a chance to share a bike adventure with people that, like you, see the world from behind the handlebars.

A magical place. A small cycling adventure. A few friends. A tent. Nature and a sky full of stars.


Does it really matter? There is music, food, beer, stories to tell, people to meet, stars to admire, and emotions to remember.
It's you and your bike in a beautiful world.