Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

In Nepal with the Esplora team

Wednesday, 17 April, 2024

Starting from the foundation of a country, from its origins and its most hidden and lesser-known parts. Delving into the most fascinating and pure sociocultural layers starting from places not yet touristy, and then gradually discovering, along the chosen path, the true essence of the territory being explored.
The folks at envisioned their bikepacking adventure to discover a magical country like Nepal, which saw them pedal over 1700km with their bikes from the Terai jungle to the 5416m high Thorong La Pass.
A majestic and profound journey, not only made up of rides through pristine lands and incredible places, but also, and above all, of special encounters, often random, sometimes fleeting but extremely enriching, capable of immersing the riders in Nepalese rhythms and traditions and of making them perceive the entire journey in a very different way.

“But the imagined reality doesn’t even come close to the wonder we experience daily as we pass through the villages of Southwest Nepal, immersed amidst vast natural parks and the jungle. Now, we truly begin to pedal, here, in this special land, where an extraordinary sense of peace permeates the air.
In the faces of the people and the beauty of the landscapes, we feel the protection of those we have encountered along our journey. Rituals, generous offerings of fruit, warm smiles, and genuine interest in us will accompany us, we feel it.
The days become intense, the slope of the road increases day by day, suffering and fatigue become our travel companions. After 11 days on the road, we feel special sensations, every day we proceed with great energy leaving the plains behind, heading towards the Himalayas.”

Starting from the base, as we were saying. Starting from the base to be able to savor even the most intense, challenging, and impressive moments with greater joy and eyes filled with wonder, like the Annapurna Circuit.
“Have you ever been moved to tears by nature? And to do so after a tremendous inner effort? With the beginning of the Annapurna circuit, our expedition turned into a journey of great emotions, sensations, difficulties, and extreme hardships. […] The bicycle is now our everyday life; we are moved by the cyclical movement of the two wheels, just as cyclical is the time of the spiritual traditions of the place. Halfway through our journey, before starting the circuit, a dear friend, after seeing the adventures of the first part of the trip, wrote to us:
The Tikka on the forehead represents Hindu religiosity. But when you reach the highlands beyond the Chortens, you will touch the thin thread of Tibetan spirituality’ […] Passing through a Chorten is a sort of initiation and blessing together; you feel the push and protection of the place that welcomes you; it’s like passing through a gateway to another dimension.
Everywhere is sprinkled with LUNG-TA, the Tibetan prayer flags fluttering among monasteries perched on steep ridges and large rocky peaks. They represent the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit, the fifth element that contains and envelops them all.”

Or finding themselves together on the summit of the highest mountain pass in the world, a seemingly unattainable goal but not for them:
“We advance together, and at the top of Thorong La Pass, the highest mountain pass in the world, we reach it in the early light of dawn. We embrace each other and let ourselves go after the enormous effort; we brought our bikes, our travel companions, all the way up to Thorong La Pass at an altitude of 5416m.
After some tears, celebrations, and photographs, we set off again; the wind is picking up, and we need to descend to warm up. We reach Muktinath before noon; we made it.
Where will your movement take you? Where will your energies lead you? And most importantly, will you stop pedaling? Will you continue to keep the cycle of your wheels?
The ride has turned into a push, the difficulties and problems into an adventure.”

The team will be at the BAM on Saturday, June 8th, as guests of Bergamont and Briko, and they will tell us about this incredible journey.
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