Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
june 7-9 2024

 Exploring Mantua with Gravel Club

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024

Who better than a local can show us a territory, its beauties, and perhaps even its hidden corners?
For us, this character goes by the name of Alessandro Giona, the creator and founder of Gravel Club, with whom we have been collaborating since the first Mantuan edition of BAM!
This year, with Ale, we thought not only to offer you some routes around Mantua but also a route INSIDE Mantua.

But what is Gravel Club? 

Gravel Club was born in Mantua in 2018 from the idea of Alessandro Giona (a gravel rider for a few years prior) to “gather” cyclist friends who are approaching Gravel riding in an area that has a lot to offer but is still very unexplored for this type of activity (and also for many cyclists who literally don’t know where to go).
BAM, since its first edition in Mantua, has been able to rely on Alessandro’s experience and knowledge of the area to propose routes and rides aimed at discovering the territory around the city of the Gonzaga.
But Mantua’s territory, and especially its province, is not only the one known to travelers who arrive on the occasion of BAM and trips, during which the most popular and common route is that of the Ciclovia del Sole Mantua-Peschiera del Garda, recently renewed and polished.

In fact, the province of Mantua offers cyclists and Cycle Travelers the opportunity to delve into the territory of the Morenic Hills of Lake Garda, and precisely in that territory, since 2016, Alessandro, together with some friends and collaborators, organizes MAMOREMA (if you want to know why “MAMOREMA” jump here –>

And even this year, starting from Monzambano (one of the Villages nestled among the Morenic Hills of Lake Garda), this non-competitive event will take place with 3 new routes (every year the routes are studied, tested, prepared, and renewed) of 70, 100, and 135 km with decidedly interesting accumulated positive elevation gains (700-1200-1600 mt D+).

The routes are aimed at leading participants to discover and visit the territory by pedaling on white and secondary roads, far from traffic and immersed in nature: roads that are anything but obvious.
By exploiting the numerous dirt roads and service roads, in fact, Alessandro manages to design routes that enhance this territory, its villages among the most beautiful in Italy and rich in history: precisely Monzambano, Solferino (where Henry Dunant had the idea to found the International Red Cross, at the end of the battle on June 24, 1859, during the 2nd Italian War of Independence), San Martino della Battaglia, Castellaro Lagusello, Volta Mantovana, Borghetto sul Mincio, Custoza to name a few.
Since 2019 there has been an additional possibility for those who would like to get to know the territory of Mantua and its province (but with several extra “branches”: Valpolicella, Lessinia, Monte Baldo, Lake Garda): Alessandro (Gravel Club) also offers Guided Tours, specifically aimed at discovering the territory, not only by cycling but also by relying on structures and proposing tastings and samplings of typical products or customizing tours based on the requests of interested parties; information can be found on the Social pages of, as well as @gravelclubtour, in addition to the official website of Gravel Club:

BAM and Gravel Club therefore in perfect synergy on the territory to tell it, to make it live through the routes to approach Mantua, through shared routes to get to know it in the immediate vicinity, and, why not, to have one more reason to pedal in a context perhaps not as well known as others, but to which it has nothing to envy.