Mantova | June 7-9 2024

Mantova | June 7-9 2024

 Exploring Mantua with Gravel Club

Who better than a local can show us a territory, its beauties, and perhaps even its hidden corners?
For us, this character goes by the name of Alessandro Giona, the creator and founder of Gravel Club, with whom we have been collaborating since the first Mantuan edition of BAM!
This year, with Ale, we thought not only to offer you some routes around Mantua but also a route INSIDE Mantua.

ROAD to BAM!24

When we’re asked what BAM! is, beyond the ready-made answers, marketing, and poetry, we always say that BAM! is made by people who take their bikes and, starting from home or further away, arrive at BAM! by pedaling, with a friend.

Andrea Loreni at BAM!2024

For our tenth edition, we dreamed big, or perhaps it’s better to say we looked up. And that’s how we found our very first guest: Andrea Loreni, the only Italian tightrope walker specialized in high-altitude crossings.

Tent spots and other useful informations

We are four months away from BAM! and we are working to make it, as always, a special occasion.
But in order for BAM! to be again that magic that brings us together again, it is you who have to put that will into it, in which case that of going the wrong way.

In Bosnia with Strade Montane

Giovanni from Strade Montane told us about his only man adventure roaming around Europe, who knows, maybe Bosnia will also become an ambitious future project of ours.

BAM! 2024: the dates!

See you in Mantua from June 7 to 9.
As always upside down, as always out of place.