Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Driven by discomfort

mercoledì, 13 Aprile, 2022

Who are we? We come from afar and we go further.
We are travelers.

👉 There are two months left to BAM!

Nei prossimi giorni pubblicheremo il programma, ma possiamo già anticiparvi che avremo dei meravigliosi ospiti:
💥 from Jeremy Collins to Bruno Compagnet, together with friends from AlVento.
💥 but also a singer we love and who last year crossed Italy with his Cinelli (stay tuned)
💥 there are many women who have chosen the bike to go far,
💥 Willy Mulonia, returning from Alaska
💥 Dino Lanzaretti, symbol of BAM! as much as our bear.
And many other brothers.

There will be exhibitors, workshops, music, aperitifs, Impavida beer 🍻🍻🍻, a party organized by Brooks England and much more.

And then, have you ever been in Flanders by bike?

In the meantime, the tent places for the KONA Camp Area are almost finished: ⛺⛺⛺⛺  
if you want to sleep at BAM !, under the stars of Mantua, hurry up.

But… have you planned the itinerary to get to BAM ?!

You can do it using KOMOOT, and remember to tag the BAM profile, so we can advertise your trip and help those who want to find fellow travelers.

We have given you the practical information, now as usual we can tell you about our business.

Since the habit of traveling with Ryanair was born, and feeling like travelers and connoisseurs of peoples because we spend a weekend in Barcelona, we feel in charge of a mission: to say out loud that traveling is something else, that “hit and run” tourism and eat-the-pizza-abroad is not good for anyone (if not for Ryanair).

At BAM! we like disorganized trips: where you waste time and sometimes your dignity, where you go to bars and not to chic restaurants, where you say hi to people, where you go home tired, where even if you don’t speak English, you communicate with a smile , where, if there is no hotel, you sleep on the floor. And that’s okay. We bicycle travelers do not need anything else, we are driven more by discomfort than by Instagram stories

And finally, let’s remember that we live in a difficult time, beyond the irony:
anyone who wants to make a donation to refugees can do it here UNHCR

See you in Mantua. As always, united by a sore ass.