Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Dino, Riky, Giulia, the road to BAM! from Alba, Tinder, and the usual propaganda for adventurers.

mercoledì, 22 Maggio, 2024

The BAM! program is online.
You can find it here, divided by days and themes.

There will be a BAM! for every desire,
for every schedule,
for every laziness,
for every interest,
for every journey you dream of.
🐳 You will be able to learn, ride,
listen, share,
tell stories, and dance.
But most importantly, be together.
Everything else is Donaldtrump.

Long live plan B, long live uncertainty, long live even anxiety, indispensable allies of every dreamer without bedside tables.
Dino Lanzaretti writes this in his wonderful reflection,
“Ode to Uncertainty,” which you can find here.
Dino, with that clarity of thought and word that we so admire,
explains the roots that nourish the idea of setting off,
made of dreams and uncertainties,
where fear matters as much as desire.
Because traveling is always a vital balance
between the desire to go and the desire to return,
between the weight of what is left behind
and the uncertain love for what we will find:
“No one would order ‘heavy rain’ from the travel climate menu,
yet either you learn to live with it or you go on an adventure diet.
False is the one who claims pleasure under incessant downpours and wet feet;
the only beauty of these moments is simply their end.
But then, oh, how happy you are.
β˜€οΈ When the sun starts to warm up,
when the clothes seem dry and the horizon returns to view.
I wouldn’t say I would call for it,
but more than once the rain has scored three to zero against boredom.”

All this, and of course much more,
is in Dino’s new project, BikeTrac,
an academy for preparing for travel,
whose first edition will be
from July 26 to 28.

 πŸ‘ŠRiky Oliver!πŸ‘Š 

– Riki! Are you coming to BAM?
– Andre, I am doing EVERYTHING to come to BAM!

On the 5th, I will be in Italy and will pedal from Bergamo to Mantua.
A year ago, I was there, looking at Barone’s bike
and dreaming of being able to tell my story.
See you in Mantua.

This is the WhatsApp conversation with Riky Oliver,
who is currently cycling towards the Atlantic Ocean.
It was a wonderful moment:
both for Riky’s enthusiasm, whose voice came through the phone
pushed by the Portuguese wind
and the marvelous energy of youth in their twenties,
and for this magic that arises from bringing together
people, stories, passions,
and somewhat crazy projects born just like that.

Riky is still on his journey: follow him here ✌
and come meet him at BAM!

Remember that BAM! is first of all the journey to BAM!:
here you find the “Road to BAM!” Komoot page.

Share your travel to BAM!, share the road with a friend, choose the longest route.

See you in Mantova.