Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Tent spots and other useful informations

We are four months away from BAM! and we are working to make it, as always, a special occasion.
But in order for BAM! to be again that magic that brings us together again, it is you who have to put that will into it, in which case that of going the wrong way.

In Bosnia with Strade Montane

Giovanni from Strade Montane told us about his only man adventure roaming around Europe, who knows, maybe Bosnia will also become an ambitious future project of ours.

BAM! 2024: the dates!

See you in Mantua from June 7 to 9.
As always upside down, as always out of place.

If the bicycle could glide on water, what would it be?

According to Carlo, Marco and Vitto, the answer is simple: a kayak!And so, in perfect BAM! spirit, the three Thisavventurers set off for Ibiza and (spoiler: returned safe and sound) told us about their “vacation.”  Fresh from riding all over Italy on our trusty Graziellas, we felt the need to take a break from two-wheeled […]


2500 kilometers, 16,000 meters of elevation gain, 9 counties crossed, 18 days in the saddle, 13 nights in tents, 30 hard-boiled eggs, 7 full Irish Breakfasts, 2 Irish Coffees, maximum temperature 32° (climbing Conor Pass), minimum temperature 2° (sleeping in Donegal), 9 consecutive sunny days, 5 days with rain, 0 punctures, endless sheep. These are […]

BAM! commandments: discover the video of BAM 2023

Travel / vacationPassenger / permanentBAM! / boredomIt’s been three monthsand we haven’t shown you the videoof BAM! 2023 yet. Here it is.And then some photos and some ideas about 2024:Are you already ready?   What are the BAM commandments?We had fun imagining them in the BAM! 2023 video.The last two are missing: DREAM and PEDAL.(which […]

BAM! – Photos, memories, smiles and an idea for the future

It doesn’t matter how, in what trim, in what wind, on what bike. The only thing that matters is sharing the road with 3 friends.  In the end I remain the smile you have. Recognizing each other in the differences, seeing each other in the differences, being the sum of our somewhat ramshackle lives. And […]