Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024


mercoledì, 27 Aprile, 2016

Davide Stanic is a traveler, who loves life, the real one, the one that you can actually feel. He also loves writing. Author of the books “Oltre la finestra” (“Beyond the window”).

“I was trying to see and not to look, listen and not just hear, smell and not just odor, feel and not just touch.”


Alberto Fiorin travels on his bike and knows the world. He organized cycling expeditions in the Soviet Union, in China, in the Middle East, in Scandinavia, Egypt and in Africa; he traveled almost all of Italy, in Europe and in the world usually by himself, with friends or his family. He also went by foot.

Fond of soft mobility, he tries to spread and convey – through written texts, meetings, conferences, debates, theater performances, music readings – the beauty of slowness.

alberto fiorin