Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Travel photography and on-the-road mechanics: Selle Royal workshops at BAM!

mercoledì, 22 Maggio, 2024

Traveling is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and authentic ways to get to know the world and oneself. And if you do it on your own bike, it’s even better.
At the core of the two workshops proposed by Selle Royal for this tenth edition of BAM! is precisely travel. On one side, there is the journey to be photographed, and on the other, the more practical one designed to help cyclists who might encounter mechanical difficulties while riding.

We interviewed Marco Carmignan and Gabriele Cury, respectively a travel photographer and an expert bike mechanic.

Marco, why participate in a workshop on on-the-road photography?
We are constantly inundated with images. The internet, social media, TV. Most of us communicate with the world through images on social media. Some have even made it their job (influencers, YouTubers). Images convey very important messages and have the power, for better or worse, to influence the masses. Therefore, the photographic language is a truly crucial art. And like all arts, it must be practiced. If you want to improve your on-the-road photography, whether you’re an influencer or just want to share photos with friends and family, this workshop is for you.

What tools will we use? Can we use a cell phone?
The workshop is suitable for anyone interested in learning the basics of photographic language to document their bike trips (but not only that, of course). A camera is recommended, but a cell phone with a camera is also a valid tool. No one is excluded.

Will there be practical exercises to do?
Yes, there will be two practical sessions on portrait and landscape.

How should one prepare for the workshop?
This photography workshop is the right opportunity to learn to master the photographic language, to clarify any doubts or solve technical problems encountered during your trips. Prepare with curiosity and creativity!

What will we learn?
Participants will learn to choose the ideal photographic equipment for their trips, to position it securely and functionally on the bike, and above all, to develop a visual narrative through a professional approach and workflow.


And now it’s Gabriele’s turn:

How important is the correct maintenance of your bike for a pleasant and memorable trip?
During a trip, we always test our bike. Proper maintenance ensures we experience less fatigue and are safe with our vehicle. It’s simpler than we imagine!

What are the signs of wear to keep the most controlled during the trip?
Our bike gives us clear signals, and for this, I recommend always keeping a close eye on the proper functioning of the brakes and the cleanliness and lubrication of the chain. If you hear unusual noises coming from the chain or brakes, it might be the right time for a check-up.

What small tips can you give to novice cycle travelers?
The bike is a simple, accessible vehicle but requires constant and fairly precise attention. The information to start doing this is all around us: many workshops, but also websites and videos explain how to do maintenance. First of all, I recommend learning to keep the bike clean and the chain lubricated. But if you’re not sure you’re doing it correctly and want to discover much more about this world, the best way to learn is to get your hands a bit dirty and participate in a workshop like the one we will hold at 2:30 PM on Saturday, June 8th in the Lounge Area. I’ll be waiting for you!

Travel brings with it some discomforts: how can the cycle traveler prevent them?

The bike on a trip can create discomfort for various reasons, the most common being two. The first is the choice of size, as essential as shoes: every cyclist has their size derived from the frame measurement. The second is the correct position on the saddle. It’s crucial to choose a saddle suitable for one’s needs and body type, with a proper adjustment of distance to the handlebar and saddle height. These factors can make your trip much more pleasant and comfortable.
The workshop will address all the inconveniences that can happen with travelers and the best practical solutions to prevent them before the trip or fix them once started. But not only that! You will be the ones to find the problems and create ways to solve them; I will just try to travel with you. All you need is a Multi-Tool (if you don’t have one yet, some will be available before the workshop starts) and your bike.