Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova | 7-9 giugno 2024

BAM22!: memories, photos and more joy than happiness. Thank you all

giovedì, 23 Giugno, 2022

Happiness only exists in the Mulino Bianco adds

We at BAM! are masters of joy,

which is a cheaper condition,

less philosophical and more practical.

Put the tents, the bikes, the journey, the beer,

music and a bit of anarchy and there it is.


We leave happiness to the adds.

BAM! is a successful experiment that generates packages of disordered joy.


There are things in life that can be told

only in a few ways:

with scattered notes, with poems and / or songs,

 or by being drunk.


It’s been over a week.

BAM! 2022 has passed, but somehow it’s still here,

like a suspended love, like the smell of the sea,

like nostalgia.


During these days we have accumulated memories,

shared random stories,

as it happens when during this summer that just started and it’s 

already way too hot

you wake up at night and mix chaotic thoughts in your head,

a desire

a memory

a little anxiety

and a little sore ass, metaphorical or not.


how are you

where are you going

where do you come from

do you want a beer

how nice to see each other

at what time is the concert

Where are the shower rooms

is there a queue for beer?

Shall we put the tents close to each other?

these fucking mosquitoes

do you have the mosquito repellent

can we swim in the lake

where is the dog

do you have a size M

let’s take a trip together

can you remind me your name

Can I buy you a drink

sleep with me

I think I Love You


and then


hugging sweaty people

those who empty the bins at 5 in the morning

Silvio pitching the tent at 4

ride far

the sun

lots of sun

dancing in the dust

pitch your tent at 2 am

watch out for the sofa. which sofa.

repair the bike

burn your neck

smell a little

greet Dino and the Happy Family

shirtless Dino

talk, listen, repeat

wake up at 6

fall asleep at 3

look for the shadow

the cocktails


the Enough at 2 am

meet the girls

meet the guys

maybe someone had sex

see you later for a beer

Maurizio Carucci

I have not seen you anymore

who was that

Oh my, it’s hot

Oh my, I’m tired

Oh my, this is great

the holes

the water in the bathrooms that tastes like rotten eggs but drink it as they said it is drinkable

the chemical toilets and the beauty of peeing in the woods

you have to come next year.


Do you want to continue? send us your memories drunk with joy.


Who are we? We come from afar and go very far.

We are travelers.


👊 Wrong roads and bad choices make good stories 👊