Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

BAM! the program is online!

mercoledì, 17 Maggio, 2023

We are this thing here:

a bike event that cares nothing about how fast the bike goes, and a lot about how many stars we count before we sleep, who we ride with, how many wheels we puncture, and how many times we think about running away (even if we don’t actually do it).

What we do at BAM! is kind of punk.


Because Frank Lotta, voice of radio Deejay, will talk about horizons reached and dreams never realized
along with Willy Mulonia, Lorenzo Barone, and many others.

And when has such a panel discussion ever been seen?

Because Alessandra Cappellotto, a former champion awarded by Amnesty International,
will tell us how her Road to Equality association works to save women around the world from persecution, and she will do so with two Afghan women cyclists who escaped, thanks to her, from their country.

Because Dino Lanzaretti will answer all the questions you never dared to ask him.

Because these are just some of the stories you will hear:
Nelson Trees will also be there,
who in order to make people travel to incredible places
came up with the Silk Road Mountain Race, the Atlas and also other events that we like
because they are completely off the scale, like a smile at the top of the climb.

And then Stefan Amato, Francesco Bonvecchio and the Montanus,
who in three different workshops will talk about creativity and cycling.

But also because we will pedal between styles of beer while learning how to taste them.

Because we will have a cinema under the stars, we will also learn how to make a small travel film, we will know how to create a creative map and we will try, in our own way, to talk about the borders that might not be there.

Because so many other things… that you can discover below