Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

BAM! Is back, the best European Meeting of Bicycle Travelers.

martedì, 3 Dicembre, 2019

Three days of meetings, music, rides and events dedicated to those who ride to go far.
Thousands of travelers are expected from all over Italy and abroad, with many new features planned.

It happens once a year: bicycle travelers from all over Europe come together under the same sky to share stories, passion and a stretch of road.

It’s the BAM! (European Bicycle Adventure Meeting), the great European gathering of bicycle travelers, whose sixth edition will be held in Italy, in Mantua, from 15 to 17 May.

Three days of meetings, workshops, cycling to discover the area, but above all fun, in the style that appeals to those who love light travel: music, beer, a magical place and many friends, old and new, often known during a trip.

The uniqueness of BAM!, Which is the biggest event in Europe dedicated to cycling, is the informal and fun spirit, which brings together the great traveler and the family, those who love to go far, each time get involved, and who use the bike to travel even just a few kilometers from home. What matters is the spirit, the desire to discover.

The theme of the sixth edition is freedom: to leave, to return, not to return for a while, to change one’s life, and simply to be oneself.

Most BAM travelers! will arrive in Mantua by bicycle, in the spirit of the event, forming spontaneous groups along the way; also the percentage of foreigners is growing from year to year.

The city of Mantua, a UNESCO heritage site, will host the meeting in an extraordinary location, on the Lungolago Gonzaga, in front of the lakes and the medieval walls: a precious opportunity to enhance a territory that is investing heavily in cycling and mobility ” green ”. The large camping area, where travelers have to pitch their tent, will be on the other side of the lake, with a unique view of the city. Compared to the previous editions there will be news both for the program and for the preparation of the area.

BAM! was born first of all as a meeting place for those who love to travel by bike, but it has also become a moment of confrontation for the sector, from enthusiasts to associations, from territories to companies, to the village of BAM! Keep their products for the journey, from bags to bicycles, to super-light tents and all clothing. A moment to rate the point on the sector, even intercepting the growing phenomena such as gravel or bikepacking.

At the BAM! the bicycle is perceived as something magical, much more than a mechanical means, as a tool to discover the world, meet people and live experiences.