Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova β€’ Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

BAM! commandments: discover the video of BAM 2023

martedì, 19 Settembre, 2023

Travel / vacation
Passenger / permanent
BAM! / boredom
It’s been three months
and we haven’t shown you the video
of BAM! 2023 yet. Here it is.
And then some photos and some ideas about 2024:
Are you already ready?


What are the BAM commandments?
We had fun imagining them in the BAM! 2023 video.
The last two are missing: DREAM and PEDAL.
(which also count as dreaming of pedaling
or dreaming while pedaling)
Click here and enjoy


Passenger – 1. adj. a. Properly, someone who is passing through; more commonly, someone who passes quickly, something short-lived: a passing storm; passing clouds (also figuratively, referring to conflicts, setbacks, fears, and the like); passing disturbances, discomforts; a passing whim; fleeting joys. Sometimes in contrast to stable, permanent; for example, a passing naval base, set up during hostilities with flying and provisional means.
2. n. a. old or literary. A person who is passing through a place, a stranger; more often, a traveler, a passerby.

I don’t know why, while pedaling this summer, the word “passenger” stuck in my head.
Perhaps because when I’m pedaling, I often feel like a passenger.
A passenger of my muscles,
of my heart, and
of my lungs.
A passenger like a subject in motion.

But also a passenger because I am passing through:
not so much because of my speed,
but because of my transience,
because I pass quickly,
because I don’t tie myself to a single place.

And suddenly, pedaling fills me with lightness,
the kind of lightness of Paul Valery,
of swallows and not feathers:
my passage among things,
among landscapes,
among people,
is inconsistent, light, transient.
And this fills me with fragile joy.And you might say: what do we care
about swallows on bicycles?
I believe that BAM!,
the people who believe in it,
who embrace us and each other
when we meet,
are special precisely because of this:
we are aware of being passengers,
and we are thanks to our bikes,
our journeys,
our fragility.
See you next year?