Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

BAM! 2024 was like an unexpected spring 

giovedì, 20 Giugno, 2024

The laughter 
The stories 
The hugs from people you haven’t seen in a year 
The dusty bicycles 
The bags, with few things and a lot of life inside
🕺 Those who dance late at night 
Those who arrive at 3 in the morning 

🍻 The beer of BAM! 
Reuniting and recognizing each other, always inadequate, always full of wonder 
🧔‍♂️ Bruno arriving after 2497 km 
Dino’s beard
Andrea Loreni’s eyes
Ricky hugging everyone
🇦🇷 South America in the stories of Soul Bike
Dust and mosquitoes; we even love them
The clean bathrooms
The chats while waiting for the shower
☕ Too much coffe
⛺ The tents and the people snoring
The lake and the city of Mantua, beautiful like spring
Sofiane, never tired of meeting everyone
Pietro, the voice “BAM numero dieciiiii”
💘 “What’s your name” + “Where are you from” + “I think I love you” 
The dreams 
New travel companions
“Do you have an inner tube?”
“Will you come to Patagonia with me?” 
At BAM! with the cargo bike
It’s my first BAM!: when will the next one be? 
So hot 
🐸 Can we swim in the lake?
Can I pitch my tent next to yours? 
💯 They found the Risciò!  💯 

BAM! was this and much more.
We came home overwhelmed by your joy
(because happiness, you know, we leave it to the fairy-tale land),
and by your desire to live and go far. 
And what was it like for you?
If you want, tell us: send us an email or publish a post tagging BAM!

Thanks to everyone,
to those who came by bike,
to those who celebrated,
to those who smiled,
to all the volunteers. 
To those with heart. 
See you at the next BAM! 
Do you know where it will be? 
Neither do we.