Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Bags on the bike and off we go; here comes Daniel Oss at BAM!

giovedì, 2 Maggio, 2024

Having Daniel Oss at BAM! talking about bike trips is like putting an electric guitar in Mozart’s hands: we know where we start (from a hell of a cyclist, who has won and pushed and made us dream), but not where we’ll end up (and obviously, we like that). For those who don’t know, Daniel Oss is a former professional, one of the strong ones, but we’ve always liked him because he’s smiling, a bit grungy, as he himself says, someone who would have pleased Hemingway, capable at a certain point of grabbing the bikepacking bags and going far, as he’ll tell us here.

So here we are: ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Oss.

Let’s start with the important stuff: I read somewhe
re that you call yourself a “grunge cyclist.” Can you tell us why?
As a kid, at some point in my adolescence, grunge music was always in my CD player… Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam… I loved it. It was a time of personal change for me, just as it was for the rock of the 60s/70s. Grunge is born in garages in the suburbs, it speaks of heart-wrenching romanticism; it’s a raw, direct, sincere genre that goes against the grain, and I find all these qualities in cycling and in my personality. Of course, I’m a cyclist, not a musician, but maybe a bit grunge, yes.

BAM! is the gathering of bicycle travelers, and having someone like you with us, who has won, pedaled hard, put your soul on the handlebars, we really like it, just as we like all the things that come to life on the bike. But tell us, how did it happen that one day you attached bags to your bike?
After a great tour of Italy, I was completely exhausted, tired, and bored… I wanted something more, something new and different. But always linked to the bike. I was born and raised in a competitive environment, and at a certain point, my goals were only related to results, records, watts, training, races, speed, and deadlines. But at that moment, I needed a “break.” That’s how Just Ride was born, and my desire to ride for myself, with myself, how and when I wanted. Bags on the bike, and off I went.

The gravel movement, even if it means everything and nothing, a bit like the movement of polenta with mushrooms, has changed some things in the cycling world, bringing new enthusiasts to ride, but also changing the way of traveling: faster, lighter, if you want, with more style. What’s your take on it?
We could talk about this all night. The topic is huge! I’m a bit inexperienced in the travel world; I don’t know how it’s become. I know how it is in the racing world, very professional and tough. I see travel as very diverse and made up of many facets. Full of style and courage. 🙂

In a slightly different perspective, related to competitions, even if sometimes very adventurous, could you tell us about the Specialized Gravel Team project, of which, we can say, you are the soul?
Gravel competitions have become a very important reality to the point that brands cannot afford to ignore them. Given my withdrawal from the road world, Specialized and I thought starting a collaboration would be a good idea. Specialized is increasingly getting involved in this branch of gravel in Europe. Personally, thanks to Sportful, 100%, 226ers, Birra Impavida, Garmin Italia, and Gioielleria Dienneci who support me, I can create a calendar of content and races and much more. Racing and creating content in the gravel world is something ‘new’ for everyone that is creating interest for a possible larger collaboration for a Gravel Team. I would like that. That’s the direction.

What was your first bike trip? Pedaling as a professional, did you ever feel that experience was somehow a journey?
I did my first Just Ride thinking it was a journey, to find calmness and new stimuli.

Can you tell us a place where you’ve ridden and would recommend as a destination for a bike trip, and a place where you dream of riding?
The Great Ocean Road in Australia is the most distant and fantastic. The California Coast Ride from San Francisco to San Diego is really cool. Japan is amazing, even just in the Kyoto district. But like Italy… wow, there’s nothing better.

At BAM!, we say that wrong roads and bad choices make good stories: can you tell us about your wrong road?
Give me pen and paper, and I’ll draw you a map of my wrong roads, hahaha. Just kidding. I have many good stories, but I swear I wouldn’t know where to start, maybe we’ll tell them at BAM!

Thanks to Impavida‘s friends, we managed to have Daniel at BAM on Friday, June 7th at 7:30 PM.