Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Bad choices and wrong roads make good stories

martedì, 10 Maggio, 2022

Who are we? we come from afar and go very far. 
We are travelers.

👉 BAM is a month away.

🔥(there are still seats! entrance to the BAM! is free. Only the tents are sold out for now) 🔥

“Wrong roads and bad choices make good stories”

Is this the theme of this BAM!: did we tell you that? 

💪 Fabio Consoli’s bear is our punk soul.

The ones we heard at BAM! in these years are often stories of change, of courageous choices, of people who have found in traveling, more or less far, a reason to live or survive something.

A divorce, a lost job, 30 kg too much, a disease, a disappointment; bad moments that sometimes become the engine to go, to sing, to draw.

We recognize ourselves in the idea that life is full of choices and wrong paths and that all this makes us (almost) always better people.

Maybe less suited to the standards that are often proposed to us, but more free, more able to learn, first of all from mistakes..

👊 Wrong roads and bad choices make good stories 👊…we said.

BAM! is coming. 

The program is almost ready.

But first of all.

Attend the BAM! above all it means getting there by bike, sharing the road with someone.


1 plan your trip,

2 published the track on Komoot

3 tag the BAMeurope profile

4 send us an email to we will send you a free Komoot code.

So we can share your tracks in the BAM! 22 Share the road Collection and help those looking for an idea or a travel companion.

And of course, if you go the wrong way, we love you.

But who are the guests of the BAM! 2022?

we will tell you about them a little at a time.

🎸 Ex-Otago frontman, songwriter, farmer, bicycle traveler.

Could we not have fallen in love with Maurizio Carucci?

He will be at BAM! in concert on Friday evening, on one of the 8 Italian dates of his tour, presenting his first solo album live. An event powered by Cinelli.

And then he will be on stage on Saturday morning to tell us how and why he took his Cinelli last year to visit his dad – unfortunately he missed – 1300 km further south, up to Taranto.

🌄 Jeremy Collins is many things: he is a great mountaineer, he is one of the most famous illustrators in the world, he is an activist. But first of all he is an explorer and at the BAM! he will come to tell us, through words and drawings, his trip to Italy, riding a KONA, (also vertical, since he will climb some peaks in the Dolomites) and to fill us with wonder with his art. us because we like the idea that it can be an inspiration: to go, to draw, to choose an idea and defend it.

Jeremy will be inspired by the Dolomites, by the horizons and by the people he will meet for
make a saddle for BROOKS England.
And this you will see live at BAM!

Stay tuned.

You can follow his journey on Komoot and maybe offer him a beer on the road.

And finally, let’s remember that we live in a difficult time, beyond the irony:

if you want to make a donation to refugees,

you can do it here UNHCR

See you in Mantua.

As always, united by a sore ass.