Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Mantova • Campo Canoa
7-9 giugno 2024

Alessandro Gallo, travel by bicycle

lunedì, 9 Dicembre, 2019

Cycling trips. From an ordinary life, to change. Can you tell us about it?

My change was not so radical. I still consider myself in a phase of
transition. I believe it is one of the most beautiful things to live of one’s passions
human being can afford. I started working as a model in 2003 and since then
I believe I have trained my spirit of adaptation enough. Do the
model is a profession in which one does not need to stay every day for eight hours a
day in the same place to do the same thing. Sometimes you even get to meet
eight new customers a day and if you are lucky you work otherwise no. In this way
I lived with impermanence as a boy so I can’t say I have
let go of something as secure as a permanent job, but of
certain that I have changed my life style, dedicating myself more to my passions, therefore not much
work and a lot of life. With the first trips I made I started to evaluate how much money
they served me to live in the metropolis of the industrialized world. I was
getting tired of spending long periods in overcrowded cities. Doing two accounts, I have
preferred to live with little, but absurd to live with little means to be more
free, and therefore live better. But the bike was a kind of lighting.
I was traveling with my ex-girlfriend and we were in the southwest of China ai
borders with Laos. We were tired of taking means, buses, trains, doing
hitchhiking, worrying every time about finding a place to sleep and depend
always from something or someone like this we came up with the brilliant idea to continue the
bike trip. That night I had that dream that took away all my doubts. And I don’t
wrong. From that day four years have passed and since then I have pedaled for more than
20,000 km in foreign territories. Today I am here with the same charge and the same desire
to leave for a great adventure and explore lands unknown to me.

But the bike trip .. What is it?

Traveling by bike makes you feel alive p
because you are not putting any filter between you and the world.
Any prejudice no longer has any reason to exist. It’s kind of like going to
theater or watching a science fiction movie. The bicycle is a humble means, it puts you at
naked and lets you see things as they really are. People understand it
effort you are making and try to help first. Every effort, every drop of
sweat is the price for the truth. Yes, I seek the truth. I don’t believe in mass media
or to monothematic articles written by journalists to play the game of the powerful, gods
stronger. You take the field. You are putting yourself on the line and you are the one
protagonist of that famous adventure movie that made you dream so much from
child. It is you who chooses every single moment to create a better world. I do not
I do it to break records, I do it to enrich the spirit and my baggage of
cultures, landscapes, colors, new scents. If only I think they have me at school
taught that we have discovered America, for me it is madness! If anything we have
discovered fire and hot water, but not America! I believe what I see and
I look for those beauties that humanity and our planet still have to offer.

Where are your roots?

After going through all those borders
by land with my strength I can say I have knocked down every wall.
It’s like you’ve eliminated them. The boundaries are only of
imaginary lines created by man to group and make order, but in reality it
today we see with migration and globalization what they really mean
those boundaries. For the moment I don’t feel like I belong anywhere because
when I enter a new country I feel at home every time I pitch a tent a
earth or that people host me. I’m also a guest, and so I realized how it is
it is important to feel like guests even in the place where you were born. As a guest,
being passing, I feel compelled to leave a good sign behind me,
to the people who will come after me, something good to do good
humanity. It’s a spinning wheel, it’s better to sow good seeds, so I feel myself
citizen of Planet Earth and for me the borders do not exist. Of course, everyone has their own
limits, we all have our limit, but the limit is something we set ourselves from
alone, it is not something that has been imposed on us by society.


How do you manage to overcome, or accept, the need to have control and fear of doing something out of the ordinary?

I believe it is a primordial stimulus to live every moment at an intensity
comparable to when you are a child. Man, by necessity of various kinds, has
always traveled since the beginning of his existence. Today there are applications for
smartphones that allow you to do things that were fifteen years ago
unimaginable. There are more and more machines replacing human strength,
forgetting then that the works made by a craftsman cannot